World of TANX

  The little world we play and used to play in

Tanx styles

TANX controls are the same for everyone, but player click different points on ground and press different keys in different time. Tanx styles are tactical weapons that players use to overcome opponents not in action fight, but in strategy of winning the match, in thinking.

On this page we offer descriptions of style and relationships between styles. And remember: TANX is NOT shooting game only, but a strategy - better style and plan + experience wins!

Magnet's style

That is style that most of tanx newcommers use - avoiding all the barriers in case of not losing sight of opponent if he runs OR getting closer to him if you don't like fighting on big distances. Final goal of these actions are open short or open middle fight.


Opposite of this style is Ghost style. Ghost takes advantage, if distance is already long enough, and magnet gets advantage if opponent's tank hasn't hidden in mist yet. Main advice to defeat magnet style - keep a distance, use hills, mines to take a longer distance, but if opponent is close enough already - or get pretty close and use mines, or die together with him (depends on whose energy rate is higher).

Dragon's style

Players of that style usually prefer to see their opponents, so sometimes they move on hills to make it harder to hit them, and at the same time - to make it more simple to shoot at opponent by avoiding pits and lower hills. Final goal of this style is a flat fight or just reachable for missle shots opponents.


Anti-style for dragon is Falcon style. If one side says "You only nade", other usually says "You can't use hills/(hide)", some prefer open fight, some - stay in safe an fight with less risk for their tank (since grenades are weaker than nukes and rockets). So, if you want to beat Dragon - stay hidden and covered as long as possible and find more possibilities to hide - all this is good about Land Dragons (those who like flats fight). As for Air Dragon - Ghost style is preferable, since it's extremely hide from an Air Dragon after something.

Snake's style

Players of snake style are famous with their barrier-fight abilities. Those, who mastered this style are very fast in showing up on hills or right/left from barriers and hiding after it again. They should be good grenaders, too. Snake player starts with grenading, when his opponent also starts to grenade - snake shows up and bites quickly with nuke, then hides and starts grenading again. Final goal of this style is open opponent and barrier near the snake.


Both Bee and Falcon are good against Snake-strikers. Or you wait for opponent's attack and dodging it, or don't allow that attack (use cover) - depends on your aim - to kill, or to dodge? If you need an opponent's death rather than your own safety - use Bee style, but if you need safety first - Falcon.

Falcon's style

Kings of air (grenades in tanx), they prefer not to leave themselves opened on the ground, so they will probably use all their nades before coming out and trying to fight with earthly missles... The main goal of this style is collecting grenades and staying covered from as many sides as possible.


Use Ghost, so grenades, no matter how accurate they are, wouldn't reach you thanks to too long distance. If taking more distance in fast time is impossible - use Bee. This will make Falcon to show up (and change his style for now) and then you use one of other tactics, depending on what will he choose to defeat you.

Ghost's style

Being invisible is an art. Art of staying invisible and fight is what I call ghost style. Ghosts first fly away from their opponents and melt in fog, and then start to hunt them from long distantions, carefully following each prey's move. The final goal for this style is mist and detected opponent.


Anti-style for ghost is Magnet and Mirror. Use Magnet, if distance is close enough to not let opponent escape and use Mirror, if distance is long enough. By taking away ghost's main advantage (invisibility) - you have better chances against him.

Panther's (Cat's) style

Cats' preys are usually mice, but cat never makes his move first: he will wait for afraid mouse to move in some direction and THEN he will attack. It's a very dangerous predator's style in tanx, because there are not so many ways to fight it. Player just waits for opponent's movement and then shots him with fast countering nuke. Goal of this style is visible opponent and opponent's start of movement.


Panthers are extremly hard to fight because of their patience and cool-blooded shots. However, unluck in shooting will make their cool blood become warmer. That's why - use cool-blooded moves - Bee or Drunky styles. Bee - for most distance, Drunky - in close fights and attempts to hide.

Bee's style

Bees are fast and little, which makes them very dodgeable, just like players of bee style - no will to run and hide after something, but concentrate on good moves to dodge opponent's first attacks. This passive style has great effect on predators' styles. Goal of this style is making your opponent to show up completely and fight him openly.


How to defeat cool-blooded moves? Almost only good option I see - Drunky style. Good moves can be beaten with... bad shooting! Just act weird, that will confuse opponent and he will probably change his style. If this doesn't work - try either Magnet or Falcon - moves matter less, if you have less chances to dodge opponent's hits (like wide-ranged grenades and pointshooting-fight)!

Mirror's style

Style of players, who always go to the opposite way from opponents' to make distance longer and then coutnerattack them from the opposite side. Some backshooters can be classified as mirror style users. Their aim is to be faster in coutnerattack from other side, and after a few shots use mirror moving again.


Mirror itself is an anti-style to most of the styles, including its own. That's why shorting distance is the best solution - use Magnet style to get an advantageous position first, Then - chose which style YOU are good at - and fight in equal conditions with different skills and positions!

Proffesor's style

These players don't aim. They always study, study, study... Study moves to choose better type of shooting, study shots to choose better element of moving, study styles to use the best style. However, it takes some time to study opponent's behaviours, meanwhile opponent can change his style in an instance. The final aim of proffesor is to figure out opponent completely and act according to these.


Of course it's Drunky! By defenition! As I wrote before, good shooting/moving can only be beaten with BAD moving/shooting. When you deal with proffesor - you need to be extra inventive and turn on your imagination and fantasy - predict his thinking. Remember, that proffesors are always bad at starting the duel - they need time to figure out your moves and shooting styles! To defeat them - you need to change during all fight

Drunky's style

Do you think these guys understand something? They think unusual, they are anti-proffesors, their moves and shots are unpredictable, they are psychologists. Bad side of this style is big waste of time for moves only. Their final aim is to act unpredictable and predict opponent's moves, maybe even using CTRL key for moving.


Sure, Proffesor! The fight between proffesor and Drunky is a fight of thoughts - who will overthink who!? But if we speak about best anti-style to defeat Drunkies - it's Mirror! Being a drunky monkey will confuse Drunkies, they will have to become twice unusual, which means - usual... and then we turn on any other style, which is best against his new style.

Relationships between styles

 magdrasna falghopan bee mir pro dru Overall sumDef.% Att.%    


 -  -  =/-  +/=  -  +  +  -  +/=  75 pts20-3070-80
Dragon + 


 =/-  =/-  -  =/-  =  =  =/-  =  70 pts20-3070-80
Snake +  +/= 


 =/-  =/-  =  -  =/-  =/-  +/=  80 pts30-4060-70
Falcon +/=  +/=  +/= 


  =/-  =  =  =  =/-  85 pts35-4555-65
Ghost =/-  +  +/=  + 


 =  -  -  +/=  -  85 pts10-2080-90
Panther +  +/=  =  +/=  = 


 =/-  +/=  -  =  100 pts5-1585-95
Bee -  =  +  =  +  +/= 


 +/=  =  -  100 pts90-1000-10
Mirror -  =  +/=  =  +  =/-  =/- 


 =  +  95 pts45-5545-55
Proffesor +  +/=  +/=  =  =/-  +  =  = 


 -  105 pts * *
Drunky =/-  =  =/-  +/=  +  =  +  -  + 


 105 pts80-9010-20
Read this table in next way:

(left coloumn) style is good/bad/same good as (+/-/=) against (top row) style. Other numbers refer to Styles in the same horizontal lines to the left.

Categories of Styles, practicing styles

Amateur category --- Magnet and Dragon styles.     
Everyone knows how to use them because everyone started like that - shoot right in tank/where it goes, come closer to hit for sure etc... These styles are mastered as soon as you get rank of corporal/sergeant

Intermediate category --- Snake, Falcon and Ghost styles.       
These belong more to tactical weapons rather than to styles, but many players use them as the main object of getting advantage. Knowing all 3 ways of fighting is important for everyone who wants to achieve lieutinant's power and higher.                 
Snake Strikes - great weapon for those, who have hills somewhere near, who have advantage in nature structure. To get used to that weapon, you should practice with fast turning of your tank's camera on about 90 degrees left/right and then back to normal condition. Next step is the same excercise, but with addition of fire after 90 degrees turn. Then, repeat the same but while moving, turn to move back after clicking to shoot. And here you are - only thing left is to learn how to do it near hills:SHOWUP,SHOOT,HIDE.     
Falcon storms - Grenades are very special and important weapon in TANX - only weapon, which helps player to defeat players hidden by hills. Having a good nading skill is very important for nowadays Tanx. However, grenades require more time to make a shot, that means - higher safety rate. That's how Falcon Style is being made - first player hides, then he started grenading while he sees his opponent, meanwhille opponent doesn't see Falcon. Learn how to grenade using RADAR ONLY, that will improve you as Falcon.              
Ghosty mist - there are situation in tanx, when you can't see your opponent on radar - he has vanished in the mist. One of the ways to find him is random moving with mouse with the aim to find a white cross in the mist - that cross is the opponent. However, random mouse moving isn't very safe, because you will probably have no time to search all 360 degrees zone around yourself and get a hit before you find him. That's why some players prefer using F4 BUTTON move - after clicking some RANDOM CTRL MOVING then press F4, find opponent and know where to attack or from where should players expect the attack... GHOST STYLE is based on getting BIGGER DISTANCE, melting in MIST, FINDING opponent and ATTACKING FIRST, to find opponent we use F4 and random mouse moving in that direction. Only way to practice is doing as it's done in the game - melting in mist, F4, random mouse moves, finding, attacking. That style is harder to master than all others from this category.

Master category --- Panther, Bee, Mirror styles.         
Panther jumps - require both feelings of time and opponent, feelings of when will opponent click to move somewhere and where will he move. In other words, Cat&Mouse game - cat never strikes first, he waits for mouse to make a mistake, make a move, and already knowing where mouse goes - he strikes and catches it. Panther style users wait for opponent to change his direction of move and then strike, usually with nuke, there where he goes. Style requires patience, observation skills and perfect marksmanship. Practice in fight - be fast in seeing the moment for attack when opponent has just turned his tank back, try that style in open operations, when noone shoots you, too.       
Bee zigzags - perfect way to dodge everything. Meanwhile most of styles concentrate on ways of killing the opponent, bee concentrates on moves, letting Snakes, Panthers, Falcons and ghosts attack first and then counterattack with more success because of other styles' concentration on shooting but not moving. It has something similar to Panther - waiting for a mistake, but mistake here isn't move but attack - bee catches its enemies after missed strike. So, fight those who use ghost,snake,falcon,panther styles and let them use it, but try to dodge missles first of all, after a few dodges - counterattack!           
Silver Mirror - perfect ghost trap. Ghosts try to make you lose the sight of them - do the same! if ghost moves towards NorthWest from you - move SouthEast! Each map of tanx battlefield is like a little planet - if 2 tanks will go to opposite directions - they will meet faster, and faster meeting is what you need to take ghost's style advantage away, the distance! And again, if we lost a sight of ghost - we use F4 to find where he goes, and then we move in the opposite direction, after meeting him on radar - turn on magnet to make distance even shorter and then choose any other style to finish ex-ghost off!

Grandmaster category --- Professor and Drunky styles.    
Professor's analysis - perfect addition to any style! Players who can find weak places in their opponent's defence or attack are very dangerous strategicians - you may even not understand what you did wrong if you lost 10/6 in a duel... But mastering that style requires not only training, but experience in duels, thinking and good planning skills. Analyse opponents, make conclusions, try different shots, experiment with your own playing style - all this will develop professor's thinking.
Drunky fist also requires experience, thinking, observation skills. It has much in common with professor's, with the only difference - thinking should be UNUSUAL: e.g. if you know that opponent will move right - shoot left! Drunky style is mostly used against professors, because unusual thinking won't work with simple usual style (e.g. dragon or snake) Mastering both these styles require much creative thinking, good luck!