World of TANX

  The little world we play and used to play in

Tactics for tankmen with different skills.

Here we give some promptings for all level players.

1st class Private

It would be great if you learn how to shoot during moving: For example, shoot opponent where he moves, click twice "a" or "s" button, click on the ground by left mouse, click twice "s" or "a", shoot opponent where he moves again and again.


Corporal needs something more tough than private, but not far away from it: For example, click twice "a" or "s" button, click on the ground, click twice "s" or "a" button, shoot your enemy where he moves, click twice "s" or "a" button, click on the ground, click twice "a" or "s" button, shoot your opponent, and again...


I remember when I was sergent it took a lot to defeat strong opponents. But when I found out the secret it became a little more easy:

I used next tactic: twice "s" or "a" , click to move on ground, twice "a" or "s" , shoot the opponent exactly where he is in the current situation. It's the same as corporal's tactic, with the only difference - shooting style. If this doesn't work - use Corporal's tactic.

Staff Sergeant

Sergent's tactic, which is just done a bit more faster. And, you can add stops to your move - press spacebar while you move somewhere. Work hard in developing shooting a little hiden after the hill opponent.

2nd Lieutinant

Staff Sergent's, Corporal's tactics deal. You can also move longer after pressing "a" or "s" twice. Start using not only shooting where opponent goes or is right now but also shooting between these 2 points.

1st Lieutinant

Uses any tactics of previous and uses "spin" - clicking many different squares with left mouse within a second, which makes tank to spin.


Use all previous, start to think about planning: For example, if 2 players shoot you - hide, when they will start to shoot each other - show up and kill them. Always observe battlefield at least each 5 seconds - for noone would pop-up near your tank from behind. Start to practice duel skills 1VS1.


Practice more duelling, combine Corporal's, Staff Sergent's and 1st Lieutinant's tactics, develop judgement and planning skills and start to duel everyone from 1st Lieutinants to General of Army. Work hard to develop grenading accuracy.

Lieutinant  Colonel

Play duels using all tactics, Start playing Clan-wars 2v2. Start analysing tanx fights of professionals, making own conclusions. Try mostly play in big battles, using conclusions made in fighting between professionals.


Play in 3v3 fight, duels with top players according to room's chat. Try to make own plans for duels and clan wars, check them on practice. Develop shooting skills and aim. Try to earn tanx's society's respect, always playing fair.

Brigadier General

When you have a star - act like a star! Play sportsmanlike, without banking points, make rated operations only without powerups, chat good, earn respect. Try to fight alone agains a team of 2 players below Major's rank. Develop planning skills in fighting against team.

Major General

2 stars, which mean you're becoming a part of tanx elite players. Avoid conflicts, use anyone's and your own battlefield's tactics, learn to duel better (play those like UAG_Tornado, FTW_No mercy, TCA NightWalker, tricky, LC_GraveRobber, FTW_eliminator, Xs_Patriot, Legend STRONG, XTW_OWNAGE, The_Colonel, The Champion, Sr_Impaler etc...). Help others to fight unsportsmanlike players. Play 2v2 and 3v3 more, play 2v3 or 1v2 with more stronger opponents.

Lieutinant General

You are at top, elite, just enjoy the game - you have nothing to work on - just more practice and you will be a champ!


Only few achieved 700 points in this game. Concider you are legend if you did it without banking and teaming in Big battles.

General of Army

You are TANX FAMILY LEADER AND FACE, if you achieved 1st place by points without banking and teaming. Congratulations! Everyone is looking at you! Try to save your rank as longer as possible!

Have you read it till the end?

Then you probably understand now how to beat players with similar tactics and ranks. And for sure, you don't have to use all tactics in order they are published here, you can skip some to improve faster!