World of TANX

  The little world we play and used to play in

TANX Psychology itself.

Did you ever try TANX PRACTICE MODE? You can play 5 different computer tanx at once. Computers, but not people. You can forget tanx psychology at all, because it doesn't influence robots' game - they just were programmed in some way and now they're doing what they should do.

Another thing is when you're playing a human - you can chat with him, he isn't programmed, he's much clever, creative and much more dangerous. But, on the other hand, human is in a rush - he has always to think about his next move, and unlike computer, he cannot calculate everything even about himself: something - move or shot won't be perfect. Now let's see how should YOU plan your actions in some crytical moments.

Gameplay moments

1. Situation: open fight, distance about 10 squares. You can be killed with a rocket, and you need 2 nukes to kill your opponent. Your top prioryty is to avoid rocket, his - to kill you without a big damage. So we can conclude - he won't pay much attention to his movements, mostly for shooting. For example, we were more lucky and see, that our nuke is going to hit him, what next? - REPEAT the shot in the same point! I'll explain - your opponent had no time to move perfectly, but tried to shoot perfectly, so he was making simple moves, long moves for example. You have mention it, and used forwardshooting to get him. What will his reaction be? He thinks: "forwardmoving doesn't work, I should try something else: I know, short move in opposite direction!" - And here you get him with your surprise changing of shooting style - use middleshooting! So you hit him with 2 nukes and killed him... If you'll say - "If I would read this, I wouldn't do it" - I may agree with you. Yes, you wouldn't. But your fingers still will want to turn your tank, and brain won't have a time to deny this action.

2. Situation: Semi-open fight, about 10 squares distance, you are near the barrier. You burn (1 grenade is enough), your opponent has absolutely healthy tank. So we conclude - his main aim is to avoid your shots, your main aim is to hide and grenade or backshoot him, so killing you would become more hard. Your and opponent's main attention will be payed to moves, and (!) your opponent will do everything to not let you hide, because it will cause more problems for saving his full health if you hide. For example, he doen't want to shoot grenade because it will disturb his "perfect" moving, what next - we try to MOVE NEAR A BARRIER, for his main attention would take shooting, not to allow you to hide from him. So, he will stop his "perfect" moving, which you should use by "perfect" shooting and dodging his nuke.

3. Situation: Closed fight, grenading, distance about 10 squares, opponent's hidden. Both are full healthy, so main target of opponent is to grenade perfectly, yours - to move perfectly,trying to hide after something, or get a bigger distance for nades would become unreachable. First, we MOVE NEAR BARRIERS, SLOWLY GETTING AWAY, keeping grenading on. Opponent usually misses, because his main aim needs to not allow you to hide. If you manage to make him burn - he will be pushed to change his plan - he will come out and try to get you with his missles, so WHEN OPPONENT WILL TRY TO SHOW UP - NUKE APPEARING POINT!! That should be enough to kill him or to run away completely.

4. Situation: Closed fight, grenading, distance about 15 squares, you are hidden after a hill. Both are full healthy, so his main aim is to avoid your Snake Strikes (showing up on a hill, nuke attack, and then fast hiding after a hill again) and try to hit you with grenades, but yours - grenade back and make a few successful Snake Strikes. First, you don't let him hide from you shooting grenades there, where you see his closest cover. Then, after you made a few shots - try to SCARE HIM with attempt of Snake Strike: show up on a hill, but without reaching its top - this will make him to switch his grenade on nuke pretty fast and attack with nuke first; but what you do IS NOT a Snake Strike - you just show up a little and hides back. As first achievement - he wasted one nuke. After you hide - he will choose grenade and start to collect its power - THAT is a moment for REAL Snake Strike - show up, attack, hide. This usually works, because opponent may start to wait some grenades from your side so he currently has nothing to be afraid of; instead you surprise him with double nuke attack. NOTE: it is also possible to repeat SCARING part to decrease opponent's ammo rate OR to confuse him even more.