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Banking or no?

I think I will start from obvious banking ways and finish with less obvious.

     1. Banking on zeros
          That one involves following activities:
          Usually banker makes a rated operation with password protection and then invites players with zero points to play him. It is mostly done in operations with powerups. Then banker kills them as many times as he wants - his service record would look like this: few opponents with low points, results are uncomparable (e.g. 17.6-0). At the same time, usually these low-ranked players are banker's friends.
     2. Banking on friends
          That one involves following activities:
          Unlike in previous cescription, bankers bank from their friends who have high rating (I used to see that in tournaments before - e.g. both players get 40 points, then one allows to kill himself in favour of other player - and player gets somewhere near 70 points, meanwhile previous gets his 40 or higher again and the action repeats) so banker gets points faster. Once again, results in service record of banker will be uncomparable.
These 2 also may occur in rooms with no or little number of players.

Next ones I consider cheating too, however every moderator will have its own opinion.
     3. Banking in specific operations with powerups
         That one involves following activities:
         Banker doesn't protect his operation with password here, he just makes specific operation (e.g. map Snow, with powerups, rated, allowed for everyone) so low-ranked players go there (usually they play on map Classic and want to try something new now) and unwillingly help the banker to get points. Meanwhile, banker always takes advantage because he was first in the operation - he could collect all the powerups, additional weapon ammo, take advantageous position... When some stronger players show up banker just waits until he is killed then ejects and makes a new operation.
     4. Banking in Classic with powerups
         All as written above in point 3, with the difference that banker makes new operation - "Classic" field with powerups, rated, and keeps waiting for someone to join standing near the accelerator (increases tank's speed). When someone joins the game - he takes it, then takes all other avaliable powerups and kills the opponent.
     5. Banking in team
     This type includes following actions:
     Banker find him a teammate(s) in lobby and joins some operation with low-ranked players or finds a strong teammate(s) directly in the operation. Then, getting rid of strong opponent and making additional support at once, banker bank on low-ranked players.

If define banking as "making points in unfair way" then nickhiders can also be considered bankers. 
     6. Nickhider banking 
         Nickhider is a strong player in real game who is currently using a low-ranked nickname in rated operations. Aim of nickhider is to reduce points of high-ranked players, they do not really care about their own points on this low-ranked name. Even if players are equally strong, nickhider will get a profit according to excisting point system. That can be used as a fact to describe this kind of banking - nickhiders bank because they get points, using specifics of rating system.

I. Playing against opponents with rating higher than 100, if that doesn't goes in contradiction with point 2.
II. Playing against zeros, if you are below 200, if that doesn't contradicts with points 1-5.
III. Playing in operations with powerups if you're high-ranked player who did not create this in order to bank as described in points 3 and 4.
IV. Playing in team, if that doesn't confilct with point 5, or there is another team opposing to you.
V. Single uncomparable record in player's service record (e.g. 7,8-1,4) while there are others equal results (4,5-3,8 ; 2-3,4) with strong players nearby (which means player was playing in open rated operation where low-ranked player played, too).
VI, In tournaments only - there are situations as following: 3 players in 1 operation, 1st has 90 points, 2nd has 50 points, 3rd has 10 points. 1st player will probably shoot 2nd player mostly (concentrate on him as his opponent) and will rarely (or won't do at all) shoot 3rd. 2nd player will shoot both 1st and 3rd player, because the points he gets by killing on of them are the same. 3rd player will mostly concentrate on 2nd player and will rarely shoot 1st. To sum up, we get a teaming in tournament - 1st+3rd VS 2nd, which araised from natural knowledge about tournament's rating system. Many strong players (including me) use this tactic to get more points - shooting the closest in rating opponent and not shooting opponents with big difference in rating. I do not consider it a cheating, however it still goes in contradiction with tournament rules, saying "no teaming is allowed". This is the toughest situation for moderator to take a decision, good understanding of situation is required here - because someone just team, some - attack the closest by rating opponents.

I think that's all I know about banking, I will add something if I remember. This is my own opinion, moderators (of course   ) may or may not agree with me.
TCA NightWalker, Tanx player since 2006.


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Backshooting, safety and open points

First take a look at the picture I've drawn (you might want to zoom in).

Ok, so these are long main backshooting lines to the left, and safety and open points on the map to the right. All the main backshoots go closer or nearer to these lines, where these lines cross each other many times - we get some open points. White circles are the most safe from backshooting points.

So use these 2 maps wisely, either for training or for a strategy you are going to use :). Good luck!

Experimentally checked facts

Recently I had no internet connection and could use only PC version to play bots... but after 120/0 it gets boring, you know... So I decided to set up a few experiments to know a bit more about tanx as a system of mechanisms, as a simulator. Here are some observed facts:


1 radar's square = 3*3 pixels

map's size = 40*40 squares = 120*120 pixels

radar's size = 35*35 squares = 105*105 pixels

radar's non-working zone = 5 squares from E to W or N to S

"My" tank = 53th (+-1) pixels from the board of radar = 18th square from the board of radar (radar's center is always white, even if your tank is moving - in other words, tank can always be found in point (53;53), but not always in (52;53)) Which means radar's checking radius = 17 squares to the N,W,S,E, and up from the poles on 17 squares, too.

Tank's moving speed = 1 sq/sec (2 sq/sec with accelerator)


Maximal shot's lenght = 31,333 squares = 94 pixels

Rocket's speed = 10.3 squares/sec = 31 pixels/sec

Nuke's speed = 32 squares/sec = 96 pixels/sec

Delay before shot/move = 1.55 sec

Delay after shot = 1.9 sec (before the next shot, R-R time)

Rocket's max flight time = 3,1 sec

Nuke's max flight time = 1 sec

Rocket and nuke of one tank's time = 2.7 sec (28 squares)


1. Rocket is dodgeable without guessing from the distance in about 15 squares (varies for different players' reaction time).

2. Nuke is undodgeable since tank's speed is the same as nuke's time of flying during its all flight - even with very little time of reaction of some player it is impossible to dodge it on purpose, only by guessing.

3. Recommended time of double move (2 moves without shot inbetween) is about 1-1.5 seconds, this will make opponent use more complicated types of shooting rather than middleshooting and forwardshooting.

4. It is pretty simple to find opponent on your radar: make a couple of moves in different directions (very short, so opponent using F4 would make the wrong move) and then one long towards some side - this should make opponent leave the "Safety line" 5*40(sq)\U/40*5(sq) and you can start following him not letting him escape your sight. (opponent will have only 1 second to make a right click)

5. Using double shot if opponent is further than 28 squares from you is useless since nuke and rocket will self-distruct themselves.