World of TANX

  The little world we play and used to play in

How to improve

Top Tanx players have improved in a different ways. Here we give some recommendations how to build your skills and points faster.


First I played in classical operations with privates and corporals. When I gained my 100 points, I tried to play with Sergents, which was really tough, but I managed to get some additional points. It was ok if I lose them, because once I collect them back. Then someone offered me a team (they saw I was already more than newbie) and we started to get points with a teammate. After I've got 200 I stopped teaming and wanted to see what can I do alone. And I managed to get my points to 250. Then I was invited in a clan, which meant subscribe features, more teammates and another place where to improve. Suddenly I became the top dueller in a clan. I tried to play BIG BATTLES and managed to get on 350. And then I chose what I liked more - duels or big battles with or without teammates.

So, I evolved (mostly thanks to practice) in a next way:

1. I've got 100 points myself

2. I've played with Sergants and improved my skills.

3. I've found a teammate(s) and raise my score till 200.

4. I tried to get on 250 myself.

5. I was invited in a clan, where I've got Army Member status and new teammates.

6. I've evolved in duelling with clanmates

7. Thanks to clan, I managed to get 350 - which I concider is a final result, because it's really hard to get more points in a fair way.

F†W Tricky (FTW_Shadow)

Well firstly i'm Tricky™ many just call me sam,sammy or shadow, i started out in tanx late 03 - early 04 time i used to play just for fun with a few other friends i know, i found i adaped to the game very well i out played most of my nooby friends at that time i was only rated about 50 about 2 months into the game i got invited into a clan called FTW which was prob one of the best those days, it had alot of highly skilled players which gave me even more of an incentive to pursue them for rating, glory and skills i was pretty naive back then but as time went on i put more hours into tanx and actually started dueling rival clans rated even challenging players above 500+ at that time i was about 200ish, as i went up in rank i also went up in skill each rank required better knowledge,training was a vital part of my sucess in tanx i put in countless hours of duels sometimes going upto 100 deaths with players better than me, i learnt how to move at the right time againest my oppenents by observing their duels and taking their flaws into accounts, the key player which i prob did learn the most from was Terminator Azteca this player was easily the best in his era i dueled him frequently before he quit for good eventually i beat him he said himself i was one of the best, i later went on to get the 5 stars countless times on several nicks in 06,07,08 and early 09, i did realize that it's not all about points, to be honest my best duels were when i was at lower rating rather than me dueling when i was at 5 stars i think it's the pressure people will expect alot from you, one i thing i never did was run from duels even if i'm losing, sometimes been 4 kills down and gone on to win the duel so don't give up!


My advice is keep dueling those better than you, of course your gonna lose sometimes take it on the chin and get back up, try to review your mistakes or ask your oppenent what you think you done wrong (your flaws), so i recommend you stay at low rating keep a low profile respect your oppenents and tryn find a buddy with around the same skill level as you so at least you have some sort of motivation by your side all the tim, so basically if your hungry enough to be the best you can make it, you may even develop your own unique style.


Best of luck ;)

 A few things i do that you prob didn't know:

1. If i'm on fire and about to die i will often shoot ammo specially nades.



I started tanx on the day of a tournament. And with every player trying to win it, it was very tough for me on the first day. Then the next day I was playing in a multi-op with a guy Scooby Dooby Doo, at the time he had about 285, and I thought he was the best player ever because I had not seen much. I started to learn the timing of shooting infront of people with nukes and rockets, but when I played scooby again I still missed him. I then started to watch players with high rankings in duels and observe why they beat me all the time. I started to pick up on what I had to do moving wise. But I didnt know that I had to mix up my moving so well, so I beat some lesser players alot, but the 150 ranks still beat me every time. Then I started to watch them in duels aswell. I learned that I needed to know how to shoot aswell as move (duh!) and I had to shoot BEHIND them sometimes because they move back and forth. Then I watched even higher players in duels yet again. I realized how they always knew where the other player was going, no matter where they went, they had an idea of where he was going. So I started to get people to make me my own operations, and I would just drive in a certain direction and keep going that way until I came back around again. And I would shoot in the air and watch it come the other way around. I then learned about MAP KNOWLEDGE Something very important. I then got players who were above me to train me so that I could flatten out my learning curve, it helped ALOT. Around that time I had to quit tanx for approx. 2 years, and when I came back I was as rusty as could be. I didnt know the NEW STYLE of playing, which was that every player needed to be atleast average with grenades or they would lose, and that players learn and grow much faster, my score before those two years was 485, but I had a hard time keeping 200 when I came back. But once again I got guys to train me, and I stopped caring about points and started caring about skill. When I trained with higher guys, played in more multi-ops, and in more duels, and started to really analyze my game, and my opponents is when I started getting better. I had to lose SO many duels in order to get my skill level higher. But when I finally thought I was ready to start gaining points I started to play rated open ops. Then 200 came easy, and I was happy with that because I wanted it so badly, but then 250 came easily, and I started to realize that caring for points when you are a beginner is not the smart thing to do, because you will just lose what ever you get. 300 became a little bit hard. The players at that skill level were amazing to me, but once again I trained and worked very hard and matched their skill level, and 300 finally came to me. I eventually worked even harder and got 350, but as trainor states above, any score above that can almost not be gained fairly.

So, I did it in the next way:

1. Without caring about points, I leanred from higher ranked players' duels.

2. Transforming knowledge into skills by trainings, points came by itself.

3. Each new rank needed more training and knowledge, so after reaching new level I had to study duels and practice in open again.

4. I went to 485 so far using that type of improvement.

5. After 2 years break I had to work hard again, but experience helped to get back my skills faster than I expected.

6. Same training system - and here we are - at 350.



I started tanx recently. Being a new player is very tough in this kind of game. I came in not knowing anything about it at all. I started out by playing as a guest for about 2 weeks before i made my very first nicname (†нuяяісаиє†), after making my first nickname i didnt really care much for points at all, rather my main focus was fighting the highest ranked people i could find. I started to learn quickly the timing of the shots and the different postitions in which to shoot eg: in the air when shooting hill players. This was all taught to me by a player called Magic. I soon adopted magic as my trainer. Most days he would tell me strategies and teach me shooting and movement skills around the map and in close quarter combat. He also showed me to never be afraid of any opponent despite their rank. I then met "Ranger0", This guy is an unbelieveablle tanx player. He taught me everything about strategy and that you need to try and adopt your own individual style rather then try copy someone elses. After i got a few 1v1 games under my belt  i then decided to see how i go with points. I started in an open rating classic operation which allows any player to join. I found that with the skills i learned from the early games with the high ranked players that i was rather good against other oponents having now developed my own style. I soon found myself sitting close to 300 points. I urge you to also watch the high ranked players duel each other as you will learn different movements and backshots from around the map. I currently sit around 300 points today after playing 1 month and have only been beaten in a duel game by 3 people (UAG_Tornado 500+, Ranger0 350+ and Blood 500+) There are some haters on tanx but take no notice of them, instead prove their sledging wrong when you become one of the best players in tanx.

 Goodluck :)

So, I did it in the next way:

1. Without caring about points, gaining or losing them

2. Training and playing some of the best players in tanx.

3. Practicing alone even when there was no one onlne

4. Adopting a high rank and asking them to help me

5. Developing my own unique style  i realized

6. Learning strategies and hints from some of the top players, and observing them play


¶śŸЯ♥кє●Þś¶™  [Stalker]

I started playing Tanx by Gabri influence of my brother, a player known to everyone in the world Tanx, however never asked you about playing explanations..or when he said no because I know I learned on my own .. how many players must have been some letters are not accepted in the chat's FlyOrDie.
However playing the classic map as the starter, I was friends with the staff of the clan UAG and from there began to seek me as someone in the game, I went to the UAG and the SFT with the clan influence of banker's did the same, I banned however came to the clan FTW kept the person was, I went to the RANGER's and straighten me from there I was not against the rules of the game and trained to be the best until the summer of 2007 have won the Sam for my first time and got the 5 stars with no trouble with opponents.

In the end it all, grew up in because Tanx always played or tried to get the best of the time including:
Sam, Tornado, Sergio, Luis, Ace, Durion, and some more, and above all playing against team's and banker's.

The lesson of this game for me was:

Be calm, do not be afraid or think that I will lose, fight for what I believe, 100% know the map and know recognize defeat and victory.

Just like me and they walk behind me and it will always be better for me because it strengthens me to lose and that is why some say: 'Your life is Tanx! "

What if? At least I am better than many believe and which are bad losers, I want to be perfect, have the perfect shots and moves! It is my only vaporize.



tanx I get started playing well as all private ... ... and then I made my first nick ... named king of kings ... then a friend called me FL lunatico recruited into their clan and get started playing a little better with some tactics that I read on page FL (force latin) ... after that was something so as 6 to 7 months without progress, until one day a so-called FL jaguar  showed me other techniques such as ... then backshoot evolves as a pro player playing as TORNADO, PRIME, LUIS, SAM, ACID, Trainor and many more (I played once vs IT's final day and he beatme 10/8 lol)I beat all most player in tanx and owned a lot of then... but the moment I became a pro player was when the lines between ... with the nick SFT SFT EL REY 69 Even though it was my habiller newbies evolved until one day I learned to play with all my skills to the maximum to be known as ZEUS SFT ... I still remember the day I beat up RAZOR 10 / 5 good and that's my story hopefully help in something. (trainor helpme in tactics...still I dont learn to use it lol sory bro...)

And for the noobs (no offence)... play with pro player and will evolve ... I remember that tornado I earned something like 10 / 5 but now I can win at any time and very often (all we can be good player if we play fair...if u are banker u never gona get any progress I was a banker many times a go and I didnt get progress).... c ya dude's

Little Boy (Λlex™)

My tanx history is very quick. I came there in Dec 2005 only for talk, from 06 I started to play. It was really hard because there were a lot of legendary players unlike now, I got sergeant after 2-3 weeks, also I teamed with 2,3 or 4 ppl!. Of course, in my first year i didn't play fair, I cheated, banked, I played 3/4 v 1 and it wasn't good. I got some skill when i decided to play alone, when I got sub i started to make a snow power ops for 6 people. That was great idea to get a points quickly, but i noticed it won't be good to my skill. On snow power ops i got something like 450,  from now every +350 player started to challenge me for duel. I neva accepted it, because I knew, I will lose my points. In 2007 i got ban on my some nick,then I got a few strong enemys, They called me a banker and noob. I started to play again from 0 but in 100% fair. I joined to FTW, i played 2v2, 3v3, many many duels, the first ones were bad, i lost 10/3/4 but i knew, i'm getting better. After some time, I was really better, I had more skill, some respect and few really good friends. So 2006 was a waste year, in 2007 n 2008 i worked for my skill, also today i trying to be better too. Always when i playing, i want to get my skill more powerfull.

So, I did it in the next way:

1. Starting to play in ops with privates and local friends

2. Training and playing in normal ops with 2/3 teammates

3. Banking to 400 :f

4. Getting sub and making a snow power ops

5. Getting ban, and starting a 'new life' with new nick

6. Learning strategies from best players, playing vs better players, accepting challenges from others

7. Playing only 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, sometimes in normal rate op

8.Getting better skill, playing duels again, again again again , joining to next clans, making a new history.


Impaler™, Alberion (Raul)

Most of the guys above me have become some of the great players tanx has come to know...and respect. Me...well...I'm a different story. I'm not at all well known...for skill or the whole tanx drama. I'm just another guy who found this game and got hooked I started playing tanx at around late 2005 with the nick LATINLOVER. Before making the nick i used to go under privates and go on ops to see how i would do. After around 3 weeks of this i made LATINLOVER. When i went into ops and a player was too good for me...i would play him/her until he/she got tired and then i would practically stalk them from op to op...trying to see how they moved..shooted...and well everything, and after i was done examining i would duel them...and look for a way to confuse them. I learned fast...and well i managed to get 100 in just bout a week bymyself. That was an accomplishment then for me. Little did i kno that eventually i would get four almost five times that.Time went on and i got better as time progressed. I didnt talk much to people..and hardly ever teamed in an op. i only teamed when someone who was being teamed on.For some reason from the start..points never meant anything to me. I used to think that everyone that had over 350 was a beast at the game...but the sad reality is that there are only a few who really earned the 350. I lost fear for the shiny badged players soon in my time in tanx...and i became the type of guy who plays in open ops constantly. Ive found that i do a whole lot better in 3-6 ppl ops then in a duel. Im a decent duelist..but im nothing against the pros and legends above me here. I went on to join clans...have clan wars...and within a year of my time in tanx i had become a pretty good player. not a pro...just decent. My skills peaked out around 2007. At that time it was very easy for me to get 400 with no banking of course...but i always used to go bak down to a lioutenant for the simple fact that when u get to the top...people are always asking for duels...and as i said not a dueler. Soon after i peaked on skills i left tanx for almost a year...I just came bak bout 1 month ago...and i find that my skills have decreased tremendously...Everytime i lose a duel...i dont say crap like other people...i sometimes even ask for advice and how im doing. I will quote Sam on this..."keep dueling those better than you, of course your gonna lose sometimes take it on the chin and get back up"...There is no advice better than that.... humble advice for

Keep your sight set...keep your goal clear...keep trying until you can take it no more...and then try even more....What those guys above me have done...have become...took great effort...time...and achieve. They stand where they are and find that there is no higher mountain to climb...


Well a brief account of how I became a good player tanx. I already knew the site since 2003 when I got to have 1059 points in chess, and came out of curiosity to see tanx. And a Brazilian challenged me to a duel and he won the 10/1 and said I would never play well. I was very angry with his comment and decided to practice. Tanx I met in 2004 and was evolving, practicing hundreds of duels with several players, I made friends I became a member of one of the oldest clans of this site (UAG). I got more than 10 armys without spending a penny because everyone liked the way I play. After a while the same person who told me I would never go back to the good tanx and I challenged him to a duel, and won the 10/4 and he said he did not expect that I would be so good. Today I won tournament tanx 2008 and 2009 winning all competitors. Today I tournament if not the best, one of the best players on tanx. Grateful!


JAGnet (Luis)

Well hello fella's my name is luis and this is how i tell my story, I am from texas and started my way up though tanx when i was just a kid and has always been my past time game though out the years. Even now 2010 i am considered a legend as many great players but that's another story. I started in the year 1999 of december and 2000, back when i was in high school and was just a nubie and would play as a private and play other privates in operations with many privates and that is the start of my game and always liked tanx for it. As the years passed by and also grew, i started creating random nicks and would play -99 operations but before that i learned how to lunch missles, rockets, nades and poop mines =P as i would say cause they sure are funny when you lay them as eggs LOL. Then learn how to move the tank by clicking the ground, then before i knew it and get the hang of it you start playing people with ranks -99 and below and shoot them. That was in 2002 and when i started seen natural skilled players and would have high scores and was the begining for me to see combinations of skill like (example- throw a nade then switch quick to nuke) and that sure was a favorite combination for me peronaly. The years passed by and i was just a hider with a name and liked killing high rating. In 2006 I joined a clan named TCA then i learned alot from thous players but disliked that I had to help my clan knowning i like to play alone. In 2007 i joined a clan named bullets and my leader showed me what i've missed over the years of tanx, I learned back shooting and also riding hills and maneuvering my tank as moving side to side. Getting a new strategy day by day was fun for me and also learned friends on the way and learned to team with friends and that's the way how you start getting high ranking cause i learned that their will always be hiders along the journey. On the way i played good players along the way and meet new people as also meet bad people but thous just ignore them =) Well as my story goes you meet great players and stalkers cause your just to good and as we all know evil hates good people.


I Got Good In This Order But Any Good Training Is Good

1. Play by yourself and get your own tactic

2. Train with privates as well with good players

3. Make friends to train with and team in operations

4. Kill high ranking people and learn their skill

5. Get along with others and involves with the rest of the number order. GG