World of TANX

  The little world we play and used to play in

Basic training

First of all - welcome to tanx battlefield! Use left mouse to move, and right mouse to shoot! This lesson we will study TANX battlefield. The most important part of tanx game is battlefield itself. We use it to shoot and to move when we play and to observe when we observe. We can see enemies, additional ammo, additional energy, powerup bonuses, hills and pits, and, finally, ourselves! At the picture you can see your tank, different types of ammo (nukes, tockets and grenades), grey mountain, and rocket hitting me.

Not less important for tanker is radar (one step down from top right angle).  We use radar to find opponents (White points) and additional bonuses (ammo, energy or powerups (shield,power and accelerator) - red dots), to orient, to find layed mines (blue) and keep an eye on the battlefield to see where missles and grenades fly from (yellow dots), also - to find dead opponents (also yellow). Next, we use map to find higher places (light green zones) and lower ones (dark green zones or brown zones). Check yourself: how many opponents do I have on the radar? Correct answer is - 3 !!! If you alculated 4 white dots - you're right! But remember - one of them (central) is you! So, 4 white dots (tanks) minus you =3! Your opponents are on SW, S and NE from you! But how to get closer to them?  

 Now - keep an eye on yellow radiuss line. It shows the direction you are looking at from the center of the radar. Currently, you are viewing SW side of the map, SW side is shown on your main battle screen. If you will press "s" key - screen will move clockwise. Pressing "a" key will move radiuss line and screen anti-clockwise. 

EXCERCISE! 1. Use only mouse, "a" and "s" keys. Start your own operation. Try to find grey hill first. Move closer to it. Find and take nukes near it! Then - find a ring of hills and take accelerator which is surrounded by that ring. Blow up some energy bonus! Done? Good Job!! Now you will be able to find bonuses.

EXCERCISE! 2.  Join some operation. Find your opponent on a map, but don't get too close to him - it is VERY DANGEROUS! Try to hit him with a rocket! If done - perfect! You will gain some points!  But, if you will get killed - you will lose them again.

Now let's speak about keyboard. Beyond "a" and "s" keys there are "ctrl, shift, spacebar,1,2,3,4" keys. A little about ctrl - experts use ctrl ONLY for grenading. Expert players play TANX the next way: Mouse in one hand for shooting and moving; Keyboard in the other hand for changing direction of camera and providing some bonuses (ctrl, shift, numbers and spacebar)

 EXCERCISE! 3. Join some operation. Find your opponent and kill him, using 1 rocket and 2 nukes! Then - kill next opponent, using 3 grenades and 1 rocket! Kill next opponent with 2 nukes and 2 grenades! Finally, use 2 rockets and 1 grenade to kill opponent! These 4 are basics of killing, most effective ways. Didn't succeed - Study "Tactics" pages!

Finally, about other screen's places - Intertalk, score table, observers' and players' table. Intertalk is a chat window. To type something in - use space to the left from the word "SEND" and then click that button... Score table shows relationships KILL/DEATH and players' places according to that statystics. On the picture - there were no kills or deaths until the moment of taking ScreenShot. And, observers' and players' table shows all the players in that operations - playing (without binoculars) and observing (with binoculars), every player (except muted) can chat in intertalk.

Let's speak more about gameplay now:

Controls of TANX:






"1" = ROCKETS, "2" = NUKES, "3" = GRENADES, "4" = MINES

 M = middle, R = right, L = left, F = finger, choose ammo with finger you like.  

TANX RULES (in short description, please read full version at , , ) :

1. No bad chatting.

2. Do not play unsportsmanlike.

You control your tank on the battlefield with many opponents with a goal to win the battle. The battle never ends, But there is always a leader - tanker who killed more tanks and died less times than the rest. Tough mission is to learn grenading. You need 2 things to remember out here: 1 - the more you hold the right mouse the farther the grenade will fly. 2 - the higher you put your mouse the higher grenade will fly. Tanx players rarely use mines - only when they have no other type of ammo.

But TANX is more than just a shooting game - you should be a great tactical player to decide how to move or shoot versus another player. That's why this game will be interesting for everyone - as for strategy game fans, as for shooting game fans! Also, you can set up a team to fight others, Because 6 players can participate in a battle at once! That should raise your chances for a victory! But good warriors should use not only his strong and opponent's weak points, but also know the battlefield good - So race all the planet around meanwhile noone joins your game. Use hills to avoid opponent's fire and to avoid barriers near your opponents.

There are 4 TANX Battlefields, called "CLASSIC" (early spring) , "DESERT" (hot summer), "SNOW" (winter) and "MARS" (dark sky and red ground). You can go round moving in a single side. Your missles can do the same. Some maps have more hills, MARS map for example. It would be unfair to chase someone who always hides after a barrier, so FlyOrDie has added GRENADES for all the tanks, which really help versus those "hiders".

However, there are specific types of playing TANX - duel, big battle or clan war:

Duel usually is played in classic field by only 2 players with almost the same skills without powerups. Until one of them dies 10 times, the duel is not over. No energy taking is allowed. You can play normal game or flats in duel - no grenades and hills usage. Only army members can make those kind of operations (read what symbol near the player says).

Big battle is operation with 3 or more players. These can have powerups, other than classical battlefields, rated or unrated, with or without teaming (according to players). This takes more attention during the game and more thinking than in usual duel.

Clan war is usually played in classic with 4 or 6 players: 2 VS 2 or 3 VS 3; no powerups, no energy taking, until 15 or 20 deaths of each team member. When someone has 15 or 20 deaths (according to negotiation before fight) he must eject from the operation. That type of battle is top interesting, because in addition to thinking you need some teamwork skills. And you don't need to be in a clan for "clan war" - just find yourself a teammate and 2 opponents.